SAS Superlight Compact Survival Saw with Multicam Case

R 249.95 R 299.95

Being light when you are on the move is critical when moving through rugged terrain and so at SAS we develop all of our gear to be as light as possible and to pack down really small so that you can optimize what you put into your ruck.

The SAS Superlight Compact Survival Saw is one such piece of equipment and whether you carry it on your belt or in your pack you will hardly notice it until you take it out to use it.

And cut it does do. Compared to similar wire or chain saws this little guy is in a league of its own. With triple-tooth configuration and tooth optimization for maximal wood groove development this saw is sure to make a meal of any wood you serve to it.

The added wrist-lock handles make sawing even easier so if you are fed up with those other products out there that promise much, but deliver little invest in a saw that is going to do the job you need out on the trail.

Each SAS Superlight Compact Survival Saw comes with:

A 3CR13 stainless steel compact chain saw.

2x 3CR13 stainless steel end loops.

2x black nylon webbing wrist-lock handles (one with the SAS logo)

A Mulitcam carry case with belt-carry loop